As a photographer, seeing the world, and meeting people from all around the world, is really a great bonus! And though travelling is not the reason I am a photographer, there are a few places and cultures that I would sincerely love to see and experience if given the opportunity. In no specific order (except for Iceland, Iceland is at the top of ALL my dream lists) here is the Wishlist:


Iceland // Greece // The Netherlands // America (I already have a valid visa, yay me!)// Canada // Japan  // New Zealand // Australia (also with a visa ready to go!) // Mexico // Vietnam // Thailand // India // Bali // Malaysia // Peru // Finland // Switzerland // France // Sweden // Norway // Scotland // Argentina // Brazil // Kenya // Costa Rica // Israel // Croatia // Italy // England // Ireland


So if you’re getting married, planning to elope, or simply want to have a grand adventure and would like me to tag along, let me know! I have some good deals and packages available for you!:)