A Collection of Creative Market Fonts I Love

It’s no secret: I am fairly obsessed with fonts. I’ve purchased various fonts on the beloved Creative Market over the past few years (it’s a great service, it’s free to sign up and you get six free goods to download each week!). Below is a small collection of my all-time favourite fonts for sale on Creative Market.

Please note: This post contains affiliate links, so if you end up purchasing any of these items, it means I may get a small commission. I only promote things I have personally used or feel confident recommending to others because it is genuinely relevant to me and I trust the source (which in this case is Creative Market).

Classy Taylor Typeface

Created by Creative Corner. This is an elegant, minimalistic font with tons of alternative glyphs and beautiful ligatures. It includes 4 weights and has multilingual support. I think this font would look incredible as the main part of a modern brand identity (if you want me to design you one, hit me up! *wink wink*).

Taylor Font

Find and buy this font HERE.


Gopher Font Family

Created by Adam Ladd. Gopher includes not only 1 but 48 (!!!) fonts as part of this complete font family, and it’s currently on sale (and it’s a friggen sweet deal!). I have a real soft spot for geometric sans fonts and when I saw this one I immediately fell in love with it. It would look great as part of a brand identity or as copy, it’s that versatile. Includes multilingual support and stylistic alternatives.

Find and buy this font HERE.


Blunt Family Font

Created by Sup~Port Studios. What drew me to this one initially was the fact that it looked like a matchbox cover and I loved that. It’s got a nice old school vibe. With this one, you’re not buying just a font, it also includes 62 logo templates, 110 ribbons and badges and 102 bonus icons and symbols.

Find and buy this font HERE.


Aloha Paradise Font Family

Created by Wilde Mae Studio. I love the hand-lettered, whimsical vibe this font has going on. It’s fun, feminine and will looks great in a variety of applications. Includes various weights and multilingual support.

Find and buy this font HERE.



Created by Ryan Keightley. This font has handwritten nostalgia all over it; it reminds me of old postcards and California. It comes with a few different variations that you can combine and layer to create 3D looking designs. I love the beautiful textures in this one.

Find and buy this font HERE.



Created by Margot+Co. One of my favourite kinds of fonts: hand-drawn. This font feels really special because you know it was crafted by hand. As Margot+Co describes it: tough but tender. I think this font will work in a wide range of applications because it’s unique but still very legible.

Find and buy this font HERE.



Created by Think Make Design. For a while, I used this font as a part of my own logo design. And I still think it would make a great addition to many brand identities.  I love the bold yet whimsical feel and the endless opportunities that come with a font like this one.

Find and buy font HERE.



Created by Photographers Lounge. This quirky, chunky display font was inspired by 70s ads and vintage posters and will look great as branding, headlines, quotes and web design. And I think the fact that this strong display font makes for readable and good-looking copy is hugely impressive!

Find and buy this font HERE.



Created by New Tropical Design. Like I said before, I love a hand-drawn font. I especially love a hand-drawn serif font. Farmhouse’s painted texture is both feminine and modern and would be a great addition to any natural brand identity.

Find and buy this font HERE.


Mikela Typeface

Created by NewFlix.Bro. Mikela is a bold and striking font (that comes in 3 weights) with a ton of beautiful ligatures, alternative glyphs, ornaments and multilingual support. This font would look epic as a logo or as an inspirational quote on a photo background.

Find and buy this font HERE.



Created by New Tropical Design. Marigold is actually a font duo, so you get two fonts that work perfectly together (great for creating logos!), as well as 6 bonus logo templates for you to get started with! I love the sleek modern look and the editorial feel.

Find and buy this font HERE.



Created by PeachCreme. Saving one of my favourite favourites for last. I am beyond obsessed with authentic-looking, inky, script fonts, and this one ticks all the right boxes. It’s OpenType features lets you get your swashes on to create truly beautiful pieces of writing.

Find an buy this font HERE.


I hope you enjoyed my roundup, and that you love these fonts as much as I do! I know buying fonts can seem unnecessary when there are so many free options available out there, but designing fonts is truly a labour of love and these incredible artists deserve to supported.