USA Road Trip Part 2: Big Sur

 Big Sur, Califorina

Day two of our epic California Road Trip was spent driving through Big Sur, all the way down the coast on Highway 1. Gawking at the views and taking pictures (because that is all we know). We saw sea otters and California Condors (and trust me, that’s a big deal). We made friends with strangers, dared greatly and took their pictures (to see the spontaneous shoot I did with David and Marissa, go here). We got weird in the Redwoods. We listened to Death Cab while going over the Bixby Canyon Bridge (because it’s the right way to do it). We saw a coyote. Katy gave us a stern lecture on Poison Oak safety. We were safe from Poison Oak, thanks to Katy. We four-wheel drove because we needed to get to Pfeiffer Beach, and no river was gonna stop us. We learned that sometimes you just have to start that indie-folk girl band because you have the album art, ahem April and Katy. Jen whipped it good, all day. We confirmed that California sunshine is nothing other than pure magic. Like literally, a perpetual state of pre-twilight all the time. We took at least a million pictures of each other. We had heart-to-hearts in the car in the dark. We were adventuring and we were happy.

It was a beautiful day.

Suggested Listening: Bixby Canyon Bridge – Death Cab for Cutie

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