Where to Elope on the West Coast

One good thing that came from Covid-19 is that more and more couples are considering elopements as opposed to full-blown weddings. I love this. They have way fewer people, way less drama and not to mention they cost WAY less money. Imagine renting a big, beautiful house somewhere gorgeous, inviting eight or so of your closest friends (and/or family) to stay there with you, and spending an incredibly special weekend together, where you just so happen to get married too? I don’t know why this isn’t more of a thing because it sounds like absolute bliss!

You can still dress up, book a local photographer (like me! *wink wink*) for a day/afternoon/evening, hire someone to cater a special wedding lunch or dinner (or breakfast! When you do your own thing, there are no rules!), and make it memorable. Did you know you can get all the legal stuff out of the way by getting ‘officially’ married beforehand at your local home affairs office, for FREE (check out my blog post on how this works)? No more long, rambling ceremonies and outdated traditions, just a simple vow reading, maybe at sunset, surrounded by only those most special to you. Tiny weddings for the win!

I found you six of the most beautiful houses on the West Coast, on Airbnb (that can all sleep at least 10 people), any of which would make the PERFECT backdrop to the intimate wedding of your dreams. (A few of them are relatively close to the West Coast National Park so you could even consider making a quick trip over to say your vows surrounded by epic scenery.)

1. Kraalbaai Luxury Houseboat that sleeps 18

Because what is more memorable than spending a weekend getting married on the water?


2. Beach-Side Cottage in Jacobsbaai that sleeps 10

Only a few metres from the sand. This one will make for gorgeous sunset photos!


3. Beautiful Modern Beachhouse that sleeps 12

This is my top choice. So modern and spacious! 



I have special rates for elopements, so if you’d like me to capture your intimate wedding (or help you plan it!), send me a message!