I’m Hilde. I’m a photographer living in Stellenbosch, South Africa. I love people. I love working with people. I am a big fan of The Office, Friends and Parks and Recreation (April Ludgate is my spirit animal), I will quote any of these as often as possible (I will likely also quote Hot Rod at you). I love to read. I’m a Gryffindor and my Patronus is a tiger (for realsies tho’). I’m a sucker for the nostalgic. I waste way too much time on Youtube. I love doing irrelevant Buzzfeed quizzes. I would travel constantly if I could. I love music, everything from The Killers to Bon Iver (my guilty pleasure music is FloRida). I’m surprisingly adequate at foosball. I love innapropriate jokes. I love photography.

I love how photography has the ability to bring people together. I love that it allows me to share in, and capture, people’s most intimate happinesses. If I may borrow the words of blogger Leah from Learn.Grow.Imagine.Create;  “At the core of everything that I believe, if it doesn’t scream “LOVE!,” then it is not something that I can accept or follow. So today and everyday, my path will be guided by Love and Acceptance. All are welcome, all are cherished – we all belong.” I love that I can love.

 You matter. Your stories matter. Documenting your stories matter to me. Whoever you are (seriously, I don’t care if you are gay/straight/old/young/Slytherin/Hufflepuff/a Toby or a Tammy, LOVE IS LOVE and #lovewins) and wherever your story may take place: I gots dis, dawg.