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What are your rates?

My rates start at R24 000 for elopements and R30 000 for micro-weddings, but it can depend on a few different things so get in touch via the form on my contact page for a complete package guide. I also offer hourly rates for weddings/events less than 5 hours should that be what you're looking for.


Do you travel for weddings?

Definitely! I'm based in Stellenbosch but will gladly travel to anywhere! 50km travel is included in all packages, AA-rates apply after that. Weddings more than an hour from Stellenbosch may require one night's accommodation. Weddings over three hours away will require two nights. Weddings in other parts of the country (or world) may require flights, accommodation and car rental. Get in touch for a custom quote.


Do you offer video?

No, I don't. But if you look in the list above, you'll find a few recommendations for local (Cape Town area) videographers that I really love. If your wedding is taking place somewhere else I'd be happy to provide a few names relevant to that area too!


Can we get the RAW files?

By default, no, I don't give out my RAW files. I only deliver the final product as high-res .jpeg-files, as anything else would be an incomplete representation of my work.


How many images do you deliver?

It depends on the chosen package but it usually averages to around 1200 edited images for a standard 8-hour wedding. For couple shoots, it usually works out to about 200 images.


We're super camera shy and awkward, what now?

Little secret: EVERYONE feels that way! It's objectively super weird to have someone follow you around with a camera watching and capturing your every move. Just breathe, relax and focus on each other! I promise it's a lot less painful than you think it will be!


What do you love the most about weddings?

People loving each other. It's a pretty magical thing to choose to love another person forever (although you definitely don't need to get married to do that!) and to take a day simply to celebrate that love. I love that I get to capture that celebration!


Is there anything you don't like about weddings?

Honestly? Outdated traditions. Too often, I see people doing things that they don't reeeally want to do simply because they think it's expected at a wedding. You don't have to do anything you don't care about, don't like or don't want to do. Don't want a garter toss? Great (It's a kinda gross tradition anyway)! Don't want speeches/opening dance/cake cutting? It doesn't matter! Want to see each before the ceremony? DO IT! It's YOUR day, it's probably costing you a lot of money, you should celebrate exactly how YOU want!


Who are your ideal clients?

My ideal clients are the folks that feel like they'll click with me as a person and they love my work. If we're on the same page then we'll probably be able to make some magic together, regardless of anything else!
That said: you can be the coolest, hippest people planning the most epic wedding, but if you or the people you surround yourself with are, in any way, racist or homophobic then we definitely won't be a good fit.

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